Simplifying Your Storage Space
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Simplifying Your Storage Space

If you rent a storage unit to house your Christmas decorations or extra furniture, you might find it hard to remember what you have packed into that tiny space. I found myself with this problem a few years back, after I moved a bunch of extra stuff that I had inherited into storage. However, your storage unit doesn't have to become an unsightly mess. This blog is all about simplifying your storage space by helping you to organize things. Check out these articles to learn how a clean and tidy storage unit might help you, and how you can make changes today.


Simplifying Your Storage Space

4 Tips To Protect Your Items In A Self-Storage Unit

Jackson Russell

The idea of renting self-storage to create extra space outside your home is quite practical and reasonable. While you might agree that you could use the extra storage unit space, perhaps the only thoughts keeping you from moving your items is the fear of pest infestation and damage to your valuables. You might want to learn ways to protect your items in the storage unit. Below are some tips to help you protect your items stored in a storage unit.

1. Find a Facility With Pest Control Programs

This is one of the greatest things you can do to avoid pest damage in your self-storage unit. The reputable storage facilities strive to maintain their units by conducting continuous pest control services. Their containers are also built without gaps or cracks to prevent pests from entering the units. Although paying for the leading storage facility units might cost you more, this is a worthwhile investment. You might also want to inquire about insurance. Some facilities provide adequate insurance that may protect your items against potential damage.

2. Pack Items Appropriately

You can protect your items from pest destruction by storing them in well-sealed boxes or containers. Plastic containers are great storage methods because they are hard to destroy. They can also be closed tightly with lids to eliminate gaps and punctures that pests may use to enter and destroy your belongings. Therefore, use airtight plastic containers to store items like books, documents, clothing, and decorations. If you must use cardboard boxes, seal the seams with quality packing tape to ensure no holes or gaps are exposed.

3. Avoid Storing Food Stuff in the Storage Unit

Most storage unit facilities prohibit clients from storing consumables in the units. Defying the terms in the lease contract could lead to immediate contract termination. Furthermore, food might attract pests and rodents. This will not only be a problem for your unit but could also affect the entire facility. You might want to move any consumables to your home to keep your self-storage pest-free.

4. Invest in Racks and Shelves

Leaving your items on the floor might expose them to moisture and pests. Racks and shelves help you maximize the use of vertical spaces. They also protect your possessions from pest destruction. While some critters can crawl on walls, keeping your possessions off the floors can help prevent pest infestation and damage.

There's a lot you can do to keep pests away from your storage unit and protect your items. The professionals at the storage facility can also help you protect your valuables. Talk to a local self-storage facility to learn more today.