Simplifying Your Storage Space
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Simplifying Your Storage Space

If you rent a storage unit to house your Christmas decorations or extra furniture, you might find it hard to remember what you have packed into that tiny space. I found myself with this problem a few years back, after I moved a bunch of extra stuff that I had inherited into storage. However, your storage unit doesn't have to become an unsightly mess. This blog is all about simplifying your storage space by helping you to organize things. Check out these articles to learn how a clean and tidy storage unit might help you, and how you can make changes today.


Simplifying Your Storage Space

Things To Consider When Renting A Storage Unit For You Personal Belongings

Jackson Russell

Storing items that you don't have room for at home, or when you are between houses and making a major life change, can be an excellent option. Self-storage units offer many options, and if you prepare and organize the unit properly, your belongings will be safe and secure until you are ready for them.  

Choosing A Storage Location

If you are going to put some things into a self-storage unit for safekeeping, you need to find one close by and easily accessible anytime you want to get into the unit. A self-storage facility close to your home allows you to add or remove items easily and allows you to check on your items occasionally to ensure everything is safe and dry inside the storage unit.

If you are between homes and will be unpacking the storage into a new place in the future, you may want to pick a storage location closer to the new property than the old one. The location can depend on your use, how often you will need to go to the unit, and what you are storing in it, so pick a location that is convenient for you. 

Preparing the Unit

Before putting anything into your self-storage unit, sweep the storage unit out and check it for any leaks or insects that may be wandering in from other storage units. If you find any problems, report them immediately to the storage manager so they can fix the issues or assign you a different storage unit.

Once the self-storage unit is clean, place some wood pallets on the floor and stack your boxes on them. The pallets create an air space under the boxes to help avoid moisture build-up when the temperature changes. If any rain does get into the storage unit, the pallets provide a couple of inches of protection, keeping the boxes dry. 

If you have small items that you are storing, you may want to purchase some shelving units and put them in the self-storage unit. The shelves allow you to easily organize things and allow you access to items you use regularly.

Securing Your Unit

While many self-storage facilities offer locks that you can purchase and put on the unit, it is a good idea to buy the best lock you can afford, and sometimes you can get a better lock at your local home center that offers more security for the items inside your storage locker. 

Choose a good lock that requires a key, and make sure that the storage unit is closed and locked every time you leave it. A self-storage facility with cameras and lots of light around the storage units will reduce the risk of theft or damage, so look for those things when selecting the storage facility you will use.