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Simplifying Your Storage Space

If you rent a storage unit to house your Christmas decorations or extra furniture, you might find it hard to remember what you have packed into that tiny space. I found myself with this problem a few years back, after I moved a bunch of extra stuff that I had inherited into storage. However, your storage unit doesn't have to become an unsightly mess. This blog is all about simplifying your storage space by helping you to organize things. Check out these articles to learn how a clean and tidy storage unit might help you, and how you can make changes today.


Simplifying Your Storage Space

Porcelain Dolls – Prepare, Pack And Store Them Properly For Years Of Safe Keeping

Jackson Russell

Your porcelain dolls must be properly prepared and packed before they are stored. The process may take some time, but it will help to protect your dolls and keep them in the superb condition that they are in today for as long as you plan to store them. Here, you will find out exactly what to do to ensure they come out of storage in the same beautiful condition in which they went in.

Clean the Dolls

Clean the dolls from head to toe. If the clothing is dirty, undress them and hand-wash all of the clothes.

Use a can of compressed air to blow loose dust from the dolls. This can be used on the entire doll – clothing, body and porcelain hands, feet and face. Just keep the nozzle 3" from the doll and don't tip the can over or it could spray moisture all over it.

If dirt or dust remains, get a soft clean cloth and dampen it with a bit of water. Wipe the surfaces clean and let the doll dry. Once it is dry, continue to the packing step.

Pack the Dolls

Make a trip to your local wine and liquor store. Ask if they have any boxes from wine and liquor. These boxes have cardboard dividers built into them and can be used to store your dolls securely.

Dolls that have straight hair are quite easy to get ready for storage. Simply slide a large men's tube sock over the head and covering the entire doll. This will help keep the hair in place while keeping the dust off of the doll.

Dolls with curly hair take a little more prep work to protect those bouncy curls. You need some thin cardboard – the type that canned soda or beer cases are made of works perfectly. You want to cut a circle out of the cardboard with a slit and a hole in the center the diameter of the doll's neck. You will put this around her neck to help keep her hair from getting smashed while being stored. Once in place, wrap the doll loosely with acid-free tissue paper to protect her from dust.

Slide the dolls down into the divided box and stuff some of the tissue paper in the compartments to keep the dolls from moving around.

Store the Dolls

These dolls must be stored in a climate that is controlled. You never want to store these dolls in a climate in which the humidity level goes beyond 70%. If you don't have a place in your home that is suitable, look for a local storage unit that offers climate-controlled units.

Don't ever store the boxes of dolls on concrete flooring or against concrete walls. The concrete will secrete moisture that the boxes will absorb and then release into the dolls. Use wood pallets on the floor and keep at least an inch or two behind the box away from the concrete.

This process will keep your dolls in perfect condition for months or even years. Take your time and protect your precious dolls and you will have them for as long as you like. Self storage services can provide more information and advice.