Simplifying Your Storage Space
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Simplifying Your Storage Space

If you rent a storage unit to house your Christmas decorations or extra furniture, you might find it hard to remember what you have packed into that tiny space. I found myself with this problem a few years back, after I moved a bunch of extra stuff that I had inherited into storage. However, your storage unit doesn't have to become an unsightly mess. This blog is all about simplifying your storage space by helping you to organize things. Check out these articles to learn how a clean and tidy storage unit might help you, and how you can make changes today.


Simplifying Your Storage Space

Packing Up For A Long Journey? Here's A Few Long-Term Storage Tips

Jackson Russell

Some objects, such as paperwork, light-colored clothing and electronics need regular checking and maintenance to stay in good condition. If you're unable to get back to your belongings on a nearly monthly basis, take a look at a few preparation tips to keep your belongings in better shape for when you return home.

Check The Environment First

You'll need to know the surroundings of the storage facility and the conditions inside to give your belongings the best chance. If some issues such as local weather can't be helped and you're settled on a specific area, you'll need to bring in your own climate control and filtering.

Humidity is one particular issue that can worse in some areas than others. Coastal areas and many parts of the Southeastern United States are notorious for their high humidity, usually due to being near the ocean or other large bodies of water. High temperatures can create a humid, moist setting inside the storage unit.

If you're going to keep your belongings in a humid area, you'll have to worry about more than just rainy days. Since daily humidity can be a concern for much of the year, make sure to have a dehumidifier available to keep the moisture levels down. You'll need to make sure that the storage facility offers electrical connections and if you'll need to pay for those service, or if the electrical connections are included in the price.

For areas that have lots of dust, sand or other airborne debris in the air, an air purifier is necessary. Some air conditioning systems in storage facilities may be good enough, but if there's dust getting into the storage facility, make sure that you can rely on someone to change the air filters at least monthly. If necessary, ask the facility management if they can change your filters for a fee.

Sealing Belongings For Long Terms Storage

Once the environment is as controlled as you can within budget, seal your belongings with the appropriate containers. You don't need to invest in airtight containers if it's outside of your budget, as a few other solutions can work.

Many objects can be placed inside containers that close with a rubber or plastic seal. These seals are not necessarily guarantees of being airtight, as there may be a few air leaks that water could get into if the container is completely submerged. For keeping dust and humidity away, the basic seals are fine.

Large objects such as sofas and couches can be wrapped in plastic and vacuum sealed, which can preserve the fabric. Furniture outlets will have information and getting your furniture sealed, and it may be better to remove any cushions to seal separately if the sensitive material is mostly on the cushions.

Contact a self storage facility to discuss the services available and any other benefits that may keep your belongings safe during your long departure. For more information, talk to a company like AA All American Airborne Self-Storage.